Fun Facts about Montana

Below are just some of the many fun and interesting facts about Montana.  What we lack in population of people we more than make up for in our animal population and natural beauty and history.

-Montana is nicknamed the Treasure State.

-The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only North American gem to be included in the Crown Jewels of England.

-No state has as many different species of mammals as Montana.

-Montana is the fourth largest state with the forty-fourth largest population.

-Montana has 43 state parks and 25 scenic byways.

-Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states.

-The highest point in the state is Granite Peak at 12,799 feet on the Beartooth Pass

-In Montana the elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans

-Montana’s name comes from the Spanish word mountain.

-The state’s official animal is the grizzly bear.

-Montana mountain goats will butt heads so hard their hooves fall off.

-46 out of Montana’s 56 counties are considered “frontier counties” with an average population of 6 or fewer people per square mile.

Montana has the largest grizzly bear population in the lower 48 states.

-The average square mile of land contains 1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn antelope, and 3.3 deer.

-Montana holds the world record for the greatest temperature change in 24 hours. On January 14-15, 1972, the temperature went from from -54°F to 49°F a whopping 103 degrees in Loma!

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